Interference World


It becomes

hard to hear yourself

above the constant hum.

Brain wavelengths,

static of a distant drum

beathing an infectious tune

into the spaces

where we used to commune

with the natural.

An interference world

becomes a barrier to our calling.

Just video of trees,

muted to ignore the falling.

Step onto the ground

where the things that grow

whisper in languages

that would persuade you.

Pop in your wireless earbuds,

and let that sweet


invade you.

For beauty

and for majesty,

but we cry out for amnesty.

Nature is only gravity,

and near field communication.

Deny our design

from the grocery store line.

Plastic is bad,

but paper is fine.

We’re out of our fucking minds.

Know the power of the river.

Know the authority

of the endless sky.

Put down the phone,


and hear the world’s


at the connection.

A conversation

with creation

and all of this.

Get off the concrete

and listen

to what’s really going on

in this place.

It’s time to escape.

Log yourself off the chain.

Get clear.



DJR – 2022

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