Inextricable You


Inextricable you,


and everything.

Not much separation

even now.

How hard is it going to be

when it’s time to part?

Or will we slide out


So homogenous,

that when someone disappears

another takes their place

and we don’t even notice.

Just another one of us,

faceless and indistinguishable.

Cursed in the known.


a blank horizon.

Chastity of thought imposed

by another clone

of some fearful vassal.

Quit the kin

and make anew.

Soldiering out into

lonely and dark territory,

where the liquid light

can’t reach.

Reach down

and take a handful

of the soil.

Taste the loam,

and know the clast

of clay, of sand.

New ground

and fertile soil.

Breaking free of what we’re in

isn’t going to be easy,

but it might be

the only way

that we survive.

I don’t want to die,

just a number to be replaced.

So entwined

in a system

that only sees how we can be used.

Inextricable you,


and everything.

Peel out,


and seek the silence.

There is a place

for each of us

out here.



DJR – 2022

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