One More Day


Give every word,

not holding back

one little thing.

Give every breath,

not seeking to conserve.

Spend every effort,

not even looking for a pause.

Just want to make this

dream come true.

They gave us sawdust

and called it “Wood.”

They gave us stardust

and called it “God.”

They gave us ashes

and called it “Fire.”

But we knew

they were all liars.

Coming from the dark

into the light

is going to take


Gaining more

thane one day

at a time

is impossible.

When I say

I would give it all

for one more day

with you,

I mean it

with all my heart and soul.

They gave us sawdust,

and we built a home.

They gave us stardust,

yet we found God.

They gave us ashes,

and we will always remember

the ones

that came before.

It’s okay to want

one more day,

as we have given everything

to make this life,

and I

would do it all again.

Give everything

for one

more day

with you.



DJR – 2022

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