Life in The Clouds


I’ve been coming down

from so many different clouds.

Waiting for my feet

to touch the ground.

Wonder if there’s anyone around.

Clouds follow me

down to Earth,

shrouding my return

and my rebirth.

Try again.

Anything worth

doing once

is worth overdoing.

Out of the corner of my eye

I catch them moving.

Clouds concealing

everything they’re doing.

Up ahead,

I think things are improving,

as I close my eyes

and imagine the sky.

Sleep a little more.

Be a little bored.

I know this Earth,

I’ve been here before.

I know the fate

life has in store.

Never could have asked

for anything more.

Know the sun will come

to burn off all this haze

and there will be

a better day.

So, for now

I’m just gonna settle

for coming down

out of these clouds

and getting better.

Hope the touchdown

is easy this time.

Hope this time around

I can find

a reason to keep my feet

on the ground.

I already know

there’s no life in the clouds.



DJR – 2022

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