Paper Thin Man


You’re worn through,

paper thin man.

Down to just a few strands.

I can see

your past’s behind you, now.

Took all that you had

to make it out,

and I can still see

the doubt

weighing heavy in your eyes.

You don’t have to hide,

but you can try,

if you really want to.

It’s your life.

Whatever you want to do

is probably fine.

We’re all just trying to survive.

Paper thin man,

there’s not much left of you.

How can someone

take so much

and have so little

left to lose?

You tell me

your story

in the way you walk.

Barely cast a shadow,

or move the air

when you talk.

We don’t get like you

hiding in the dark.

We’re all fully fleshed out

when we start.

Paper thin man,

just waiting on the wind again

to come and take you away.

But I see you looking

a little more opaque

every day.

As if life here

is restoring your being.

You tell me,

“Life cannot be lived

without seeing.”

And I don’t have a thought

worth disagreeing.

I just sit and listen

until it’s time to leave.

I hope life fills you out

and brings you back.

We don’t need

to look at you

and see your past.



DJR – 2022

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