Observable Phenomenon


This was all I ever wanted.

A calculated necessity.

You learn a lot

about yourself

when life

is just a bundle of mistakes.

Tried to run to California,

life hauled my ass up north,

but I grew to love

these high, sub-arctic plains,

as if they were features on her face.

Craved to run

amongst the skyscrapers,

lose myself in an alley warren,

find kinship

with every kind of broken,

until I understood

why I was so inured.

Under an endless sky,

I found purpose.

My eye no longer trained

to look upwards

when seeking the horizon.

Here, I just look straight ahead.

From my home,

I can see the mountains,

and at first light,

I can hop a plane

and be anywhere.

But, when I’m here,

I’m only here.

Didn’t know

what “together”

felt like.

The city suckled

on my blood.

Out here,

I can feed myself

on dirt, and stars,

and homegrown health.

No more

feigning interest

in the dilapidated,

“come as you are”.

Here I am,

and as I watch

the clouds roll in,

I know I’ve never

been any place

like this before.

This is all I ever wanted,

but it took me

a lifetime

to figure it out.



DJR – 2022

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