All Eventual Men


Winding in and out.

Trying to find a way.

No longer a student,

broke from the pathway long ago.

Under the struggle and strain,

the two directions do divide.

No commitment to the end,

take both

at the same time.

All eventual men

live and die

by the choices that we make.

So perfectly incentivized

to wander our own way.

Stumble and fall,

though we stand again.

There is no hope,

there is only the future,

for all eventual men.

Taking down each avenue.

Parse the details

where the Devil lives,

set your compass by the truth.


where your path is going

and get the fuck out

of here

into that great unknown.

See what comes around again.

All eventual men

must find their way

on their own.

One step,

and then another

in this

and every infinite direction.

In the spectrum,

finding the way,

even if just once

in every hundred failures.

Beginning, middle, and end.

Are possible

for all eventual men.



DJR – 2022

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