Making Us


Comfort me.

Comfort you.

In this strange land

we have found each other.

Heal me.

Heal you.

Release the venom

we have both been baiting.

We came here

from a dark place,

but we each carried

some darkness with us.

Hidden away

in our hearts,


and dreams

that have grown into nightmares.

Tempt me.

Tempt you.

The ease of recidivistic folly.

Clamber as we might

up the slope,

when we stop,

we resume our tumble down.

Never would have even known

a cardinal direction

without you.

Where I am from

there is only darkness.

Where you are from

there’s a horizon.

Teach me.

Teach you.

One without the other,

sure to perish.

Even if our unity

makes perishing a fearful thing.

I never feared death

until I met you.

There was nothing in this world

worth living for.

Quandary of existence,

never knew what it was

to live,

much less,

to die.

Complete me.

Complete you.

In us we might perfect being.

We were told

that we were alone.

Fearful creatures,

now made bold.



DJR – 2022

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