Voice that speaks in songs,

praising you

for your kindness.

So essential,

rare and precious.

An animation that moves me.

Sacred sounds ring true,

drawing emotion out.

Come to find

there is a rough side

and your kindness

was only self defense.

I don’t blame you.

No, I would never,

because everyone

wants to stay alive.

Strength in your eyes,

your arms,

and in your heart.

Always willing

to stand up for us.

Quiet smile,

and life radiating

from you,

one of God’s special creatures.

Everyone took you for


and you did nothing

to dissuade.

Kindness just a path to power?

Is it how

you wanted this to play?


for fear

and powerlessness

with kindness.

Only leverage to accrue

power that you think

will save you

from pain and disappointment.

The world has tricked you

into believing

power is a goal

worth attaining.

Don’t trade away


out of fear,

or for anything.

you are

more valuable than diamonds

just the way you are.



and precious.

Don’t let the world wear you out.



HG – 2022

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