Fit For a Queen


I have finally got you

in a bed fit for a queen.

I bleed only red,

but I’ve been turning it into green.

Done my best to try not

breaking any laws.

The laws of men might bend,

but not so the ones of God.

The morning is still dark

and you’re sleeping when I go

off to pay the devil,

the only way I know.

With sweat, and blood, and toil,

and so much precious time,

all so I can come back home

for the few hours I call you mine.

Not sure I was made for this,

but you weren’t made for me.

I’m straying way out of my lane

and playing out of my league.

Life ain’t there to bail scared

and I’m too dumb to run.

It isn’t easy and it isn’t fair,

but that’s how the fight is won.

I’ll put you on a pedestal

and I will keep you there.

Put my petal to the metal,

‘cause that’s how I get anywhere.



DJR – 2022

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