The Garden Beneath


Watch the seed


until it cracks the face

of all that you have known.


or skin.

What’s within

won’t be denied.

Doesn’t care

about the ineffectual.

The thing planted below

so long ago

has but one prerogative.

to seek the light

and grow,

until it bears fruit.



a new strain,

a new species,

if nature will allow it.

Crack along the sidewalk

teems with life.

The little split in the skin

by your eye

sends out

a little tendril.

You used to hide

What’s inside you,

but now,

it’s showing through.

I hope

the foliage

that one day takes the place

of all of this

bears abundant

and beautiful fruit.

And I hope you do, too.


No changing

what you’ve sown.

You reap whatever grows.

Can’t deny

what’s growing out of you.

Will it be beautiful?

Or will it corrupt

and destroy what you are?

Heaven knows.

We’re all gardens inside,

even under our concrete facades.

What we sow,

we reap.

Ours to keep.

Something new

for all to see.

There’s no hiding it, now.



HG – 2022

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