Far Away Shore


Breathe deep.

Hold on.

Here comes a big one.

Waves crash in.

Days like dawn.

Treading water

never was an escape.

Car in drive.

Cash for gas.

We’re getting out of here

at last,

if we can only

break free

from all of these


Watch another

clear blue sky

reach out past forever

and we swore

we’d never leave

this place,

or each other.

Easy to say.

Not so easy to do.

After all,

this is the way

all things go

in this world.

Hold on.

Take a breath.

Here comes another one,

up over our heads.

Trying to pound us down,

like the sea

turns the land to sand.

Hold on to my hand.

Never let go.

This is how you’ll know

it’s me

after all of this explodes.

That perfect fit.

That perfect sky.

Not even asking “Why?”



is a faraway shore

for us to find.



HG – 2022

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