Mental Health Monday – 10.17.22


Fantasy and reality.

The zone that delineates the sane from the mad.

What good is the visceral world, with its inconvenient and troublesome rules and edicts, if not to set the stage for our escape from it?

What good are dreams, if they do not take us to places so foreign and so bizarre, that we do not relish the kind solidity of waking life?

But what if the two were not so mutually exclusive? What if the grey mists of the unknown borderlands between fantasy and reality is where true possibility exists?

What good are dreams if we are solely creatures of the temporal “here and now”? It seems obvious to me that those that seem to most deftly navigate this world are those who have learned to traverse the incongruous space between what is reality and what is possibility.

Here’s an exercise; the next time you feel truly despondent and lost. When you feel you have broken contact with the touchstones of your life and are adrift upon the seas of desperation, reach into your mind and choose the most fantastical and lofty dream you have. The happiest and most fulfilling fantasy you’ve got. Your greatest and most high goal. Envision it, make it as real as you can in your mind, and then do this; resolve yourself to do one thing that makes that dream closer to reality.

Remember what it takes to fly?

A happy thought.

We create our own reality, so while there are some dangers in the world’s between dreams and waking, we are not only creatures of a single dominion. Hownwe encounter this reality cahnges with experience. We can and will exist in ways we can’t even imagine. We are not made to be static beings.

So, why shouldn’t you do one tiny thing that might change your life and move yourself towards living a world in which your dreams can be true?

A good life is not just for other people. You and your dreams matter. Don’t give up.

Stay curious. Keep dreaming.

Be safe. Be Blessed.

Have a great week.

Much Love.


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