Treasure Hunters



when we ran for pleasure?

When we hunted treasure?

Thought life went on forever,

never knowing all the truth.

We spent our time seeking

things of which no one was speaking,

mysteries seemed to be leaking

from the walls and from the roof.

We couldn’t believe

that the whole world could not see

the same as you and me,

so, we went off to find some proof.

Children wondered,

and wandered

into adulthood.

Still looking at the world

in ways

that no one understood.

Life is a problem

to be solved.

There isn’t any way

around it at all.

I fell in love

at twenty-five.

A woman that kept me alive,

but you were too smart to survive,

so, you kept on with the work.

Digging into deeper secrets,

said you knew just where they keep it,

that old, elusive truth,

if you could only reach it.

We just hoped you did not get hurt.

Now, you’ve been missing many years.

We faced our deepest fears,

shared some memories and tears.

An empty casket in the dirt.

Then one day,

a message on my phone.

Sitting at home, alone.

Cryptic words,

like you used to use.

Heart pounding,

mind confused.

I read them,

not believing they were true.


“Remember, when we ran for pleasure?”




HG – 2022

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