Feeling my way

through the system.

Fingers lingering

on every piece.

What does it do?

Who created it?

Why does it work?

Thinking that I’ll satisfy

my foolish hunger,

if I just keep my hands on it.

Learn by osmosis,

or divine inspiration

it’s subtle properties.

To the neglect

of other people,

but there’s a system out there

for them, too.

Relegate to submission

my ignorant view of you.

This has been used

for a long time.

Legend says

it was lost

for a while.


by scrawling on the cave,

but rediscovered

and it joined us again.

System and technology,

like fire burns

and unifies.

I caress it as it moves,

hoping I can coax

its secrets from it.

Mystery like alchemical,

turning lead into gold.

Turning men into gods.

This is the power

innate within it.

Embrace it fully.

Wild and sophisticated.

Natural and created.

Nothing that I recognize,

but I’m amazed

as I use it.

Change the world with it,

but still don’t understand it,

even with my hands upon it.



HG – 2022

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