Damn You


Shaking off

this feeling

of unbelonging.

No longer afraid,

but still not

all the way

in or out

of this equation.

As if deciding

if I still want to be

here at all.



I hear your voice

and see your smile.

Everything changes,

so suddenly.

No longer one foot

through the door.

I am all the way


for you.


Take all my discomfort

at existing.

All my uncertain


and watch it evaporate,

like a drop of water

hitting the Sun.

Set my heart to racing

and my blood


Turning these hands

into fists again.


A creature that used

to doubt the veracity

of its own existence,

ready now

to take on

the world.

You make me feel

like I

am real,

unlike anyone,

or anything else

in this world.


Damn you.

Damn you.


Thank you.




HG – 2022

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