Lived through another big wreck.

No time

to look back,

and kick the flaming tires

on a life

that’s just a pillar

of black smoke.

Pushed the boundary again.

Came back to Earth

with all the rage

of a man

realizing that

he can break any law,

but he can’t escape physics.


It’s another recovery day.

Booze fueled the intrepid,

but it burns mystic blue at night,


invisible in daylight.

Walk back out to the edge.

Sit down

and hang those old boots over.

Maybe it’s not time.

Maybe the work is here.

There’s enough material

in the wreckage

to at least start building a life.

Head shaking from side to side

and a smile that shows the laugh lines

around the eyes.

Guess some answers

are gonna have to wait.

Chase Death so long,

life gets missed,

and there’s only one time around.

Stand up.

Back turned on forever.

Eternity will have to wait.

There’s work

to be done

right here.



HG – 2022

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