Holding a piece

of a puzzle,

not knowing

where it fits.

Not sure of

the purpose,

or the picture,

but certain

I must solve it.

Taking each step

on a journey.


is unknown.

Just know

that I must

keep going,

and where I end up

I’ll be home.

Solving a dream.

Embracing this mystery.

Nothing is as it seems.

There is no certainty,

but twist in the path,

a battle of wills.

Curiosity kills,

but boredom

is a death sentence.

Feeling the skin

of my lover with me.

Seeking the dawn

and the light in the trees.

Not seeking answers,

those come on the sea,

and in the fire

to any eyes that see.

Waiting for winter

to freeze things in place.

Waiting for summer

to grow in this space.

Each day another

puzzle to solve.

Each day and answer

to nothing at all.

Holding a piece of a puzzle

in my hand.

I think I’m starting

to understand,

just a little bit.



HG – 2022

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