Coming Back


Taking my time.

Making my way.

Lost a little on yesterday.

Coming back,

never made my plays.

Laid like flowers

on an early grave.


It comes

down to how we live.

Nothing left

when the water’s rising.

Time waits

for no man.

Living isn’t just surviving.


Eyes like two crows

and heart like the sky.

Lift me up

until I see how wide

this world can be

at the horizon line.

Pick a place

where I want to die,

but I won’t.


It all comes down

to how we forgive.

No sense,

holding stones

when the tide’s coming in.

We struggle with

everyone and everything.

When we stop

is when we win.


Time to come down.

Time to come home.

Pretty little woman

gonna save my soul.

Make it feel

like time stands still.

Make me forget about

all the life I’ve killed.


There’s just

this moment

here with you.

I’ve spent my whole life


But I’ve found the truth

and I think you’ll agree;

the only thing that matters

is you’re here with me.



HG – 2022

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