Clothing and Courting Disaster


Simplify the complex.

Needle pulling

an unwinding thread.

Tying together

tears in the fabric


making the world whole, again.


Something like a resurrection.

Victory achieved through

total surrender.

The battle won,

the battle lost.

It turns out

it doesn’t really matter

in the ebb and flow

of war.


Something is

as something does.

No more time

to postulate.

Approaching the end game, now.

Everything fake

becomes painfully obvious.

Up close,

the veil worn thin.

Practically could

walk right through it.


Maybe we will,

maybe we won’t

be the ones to repair it.

Or destroy

each and every thing.

Every man

must meet his maker.

Who’s pulling the needle

and the thread?

Who’s weaving

all together?


Run around

in questioning,

never really exposing

the matter.

Concentrate on things

like clothing

and courting disaster.

Pulling at the seams.

Watching it all

fall apart again.



HG – 2022

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