Mental Health Monday – 10.10.22

The Future.

Not looking like we thought it would a few years ago.

Shit, to be honest,  I don’t think that the world at a macro level looks much the same as it did a few years ago. Feels different, too. Like someone really messed up the timeline and now we’re all left scrambling to find a cardinal direction to orient to.

It’s not easy. It’s turned our world upside down. The pandemic. Media and governments exploiting societal division in a mad power scramble. War, war, and more war. Recession. Breakdown of the family and our base social systems. Mental and physical health crisis.

Whoo… things are tough all over.

I mean, real bad.

But, here’s the deal: it changes nothing.

The day to day must still be done. In times of uncertainty and crises we do not flag nor fail; we work harder. We lock in to our spiritual, physical, and mental True North and strike out boldly. We do not cower.

The work still has to be done.

Good food. Good rest. Good work. Building and nurturing our families and our communities. Every one of us has 5 things that we know we need to be doing that we are not doing. Get to it. Time is short.

Before the storm is when we tighten down our sails. We ensure we have the best chance of survival. We are not powerless, even with seemingly world ending decisions so far out of our hands.

Have food and water on hand. Enough for your household for 30 days. Have essential prescriptions and medicines in stockpile. If you can, keep cash, or some precious metal on hand. If you’re worried about personal defense, now is the time to start closing that gap. Find a gym. Start training.

We don’t need to do these things because we think they’re going to ensure we survive TEOTWAWKI (The end of the world as we know it, for you just tuning in), but it helps our mental health to believe we are prepared. The biggest threat is to face these times alone. We don’t need division, we need one another.

The good work must still be done.
We need everyone.

Have a great week.

Be safe.

Much Love.


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