Strange Manipulations


What are you doing to me?

Don’t know what I’ve become.

Don’t remember

what I was,

or where I came from.

Your fingers on my skin,

your words in my mind,

twisting and scintillating

all that is mine.

It’s becoming obvious

you’re changing me,

but not in any way

that I ever believed.

Something fades away

when I assimilate

into you

and all that you


Every thought,

every sensation,


with your

strange manipulations.

I was a child of men.

I was a son of God.

Take me under your wings,

and suddenly I am not.

Burning hot as a star,

roaring like the ind.

caught in the lion’s mouth,

just like a lamb.

Not what I was before.

What am I now?

Changed how I see the universe


I used to be

one inch deep,

now here I am

at the bottom of the sea

and knowing the cosmos.

I am wearing thin,

blank eyes

and see-through grin.

Because of you,

the world has changed.


and your

strange manipulations.



HG – 2022

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