Crown of Stars


Taking in the cold, night air.

I see you there,

contemplating fate.

Holding a crown of stars

in your hands,

wondering if it’s not too late

to throw them back at the sky.

There’s a heavy weight

in your eyes,

and I wonder how much time

you’ve spent right here.

I hear the pain

in your voice,

as you tell me

of the choice

that you will have to make,

afraid that it’s a big mistake.

As I take in the

stars with you,

I se that not even

the dark consumes

the light inside.

You just need

to take care of yourself

this time.

It’s okay to cry.

It’s okay to heal.

We’re all strong enough

to play out what life deals.

But we all need some time

and we all need some love.

If all we do is give,

we’ll never have enough.

So, breathe the cold, night air,

let the dark repair

the damage you can’t bear

to show because you care.

Lift up your crown of stars

and place it back on your brow.

You can go back to work

once you have learned how

to take some time out there,

practice some self-care

and you’ll smile again

when the day comes.

I can promise you this,

my friend.

Take care of yourself.



HG – 2022

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