Acceptance Stage



coming to grips


all this.

This malady.

This temporary


Suffer so much

and then,

remember a friend

fading away


Take in the life

of a world

and realize

that we only eat

dead things.

Decompose a thing

in order to refine.

Embrace the collapse.

Envelop the entropy.

It’s in all of us.

Our decaying star.

Half life of

a billion years.

A little energy

to pray

for another

twenty or so,

maybe more.

The cycle will return,

but we won’t know it.

Built different,

but still the same.

One thing

we all get wrong



we are different

than any other part

of this

crazy world.

We are not immune.

We are

one of the pathogens.



HG – 2022

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