Rigor Mortis


Spit it out.

That curse.

That venom in you.

Know that it will

infect your soul.

Have you ever known

what it is

to feel the very

promise of hope

seep from your bones?


beyond rigor mortis.


but with eyes to see.

Never wish

those kind of outcomes

on any friend,

or any enemy.

There’s a fine line

between living right

and dying.

It’s about time

to get in the fight,

or die trying.

You’ve been imbibing

that liquid wickedness

your whole life.

Your teeth and gums

are stained with it,

your insides

blacker than night.

I have to ask you,

is it even worth it?

Trying to save your life.

Is there some end state

where you walk in the light?

Heaven help us.

you and me,

we’re two souls

set to collide.

head on crash.

You know it could never be

any other kind.

Then I see it,

a hint of clarity

in your eyes.

Just like the prayers I spoke

to put some hope in mine.



HG – 2022

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