Heaven Knows


Heaven knows

I’ve thought a lot

about it.

Tried to keep my life

straight and narrow.

Never had much success,

always been

wild at heart.


Started as a child

with a strong will

and a vivid imagination.

Stepped into the waters

and got washed away

when no one was looking.

I thought I grew up fast,

but I learn

as time goes on,

we end up trapped

in some way

in the moment

of our trauma.


Poor kid.

Stuck in there

for so long.

Never getting to grow up

or grow old.

We hear the stories

of Never-Land

and the Lost Boys,

but we never think

that they’re inside us.


Second star to the right

and straight on

‘til morning.

Just behind the eyes

and deep within.

How on earth are we

to know

if we are even in our full,

or if there are parts of us

still trapped inside.


Heaven knows

who we are

and who we’re meant to be.

If we keep looking,

we will see

our shadow.



HG – 2022

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