Empire of Words


What like this

could brick and mortar build?

What effigy

could flesh and bone enshrine?

From the deep places

to the lost horizon,

dreams may come.

Cornerstones of syllables.

Pavement of a conscious mind.

Army of a vast array,

spreading out over time.

Building an empire of words.

Conquering one idea

at a time.

Illuminating the realm

and bringing order

to the chaos of life.

Ignoring the boundary,

smashing through defenses.

Overwhelming the current

by sheer force of will

and desire to make it real.

No stone shall stand.

No nature shall endure.

Only the inevitable wave

of concerted effort

and imagination.

Call it, “Divine Reign.”

Call it continuity

of what has always been,

merely embracing a new form.

Never could gold shine so.

Never could gemstones glow.

Never could a king

have such fine and flowing robes.

An empire of words.

Just one at a time.

Spreading out,

like oil poured upon

the still water.

Keep it coming.


ever encroaching armada.

Seeing as much

of this reality

as is possible.



HG – 2022

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