A Different Kind of Beautiful


Lose myself

down ancient streets

and new strewn alleyways.

Listen to the city sing

songs in the keys

of Hope and Despair.


over tall buildings

never hits the same

as it does back home,

but it’s

a different kind of beautiful.


You and I

never parted ways,

we just lost each other

in the crowd.

I could swear

you were right there

on my arm,

but when I looked it wasn’t you.

Just a thousand

unfamiliar faces.


We’re not lost.

I can feel

your gravity,

like a star in deep space

tugs at the objects around it.

just need to sort out

how to get from here

to there.

Whoever built this place

put obstacles in my way.

Everywhere I turn,

a blind alley,

or a dead-end street,

and buildings everywhere.


When I find you,

it’s not gonna be

like when I first found you

back home.

Out here,

in this maze of man-made crazy,

I know you’ll be

just like this concrete sunrise.

A different kind of beautiful.



HG – 2022

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