Mental Health Monday – 10.03.22


We’re all struggling.

Every one of us.

We all have doubt, and fear, and stress. We all have too many bills and not enough income. We all have trouble with our relationships. We all have a clock in the back of our heads ticking away at the moments we have, while the mountain of tasks we need to accomplish seemingly doubles in size every week.

We’re all feeling it. The struggling economy, the threat of war, the lingering fear of the pandemic, and government overreach and underperformance.

Bad diet.
Lack of exercise.
No enough sleep.
Too much booze.

We’re all in it. But, we can endure.

Human beings are tough creatures. Tougher than we have any right to be, if I’m being perfectly honest. We’re resilient beyond our capacity to measure. We can come through trials and tribulations and be fruitful, bountiful, and joyful once again.

In these times, we need to remember that each of us is suffering in our own way. We need to be merciful. Don’t be quick to judge, or lash out. Help where you can, but make sure you have some support yourself. Provide a calm and patient energy to those around you, and if you can’t that’s okay. You’ll get there. Just don’t be afraid to ask for help.

We’re stronger together. We need family, community, and Fellowship. It’s part of what we are. These days we need each other more than ever. We need a connection, a touchstone in this chaotic world.

We can endure, but we can only endure together.

Be kind. Be merciful. Be patient. Be safe.

Thank you all for your support.

Have a great week.

Much Love.


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