Story of Your Life


We can drink

until we feel

pretty enough to talk to,

brave enough to fight for,

or sad enough to cry.

Leave old bandages

piled on the floor,

as we expose old wounds

and share stories

of a life lived.

Come on,

let me pour another.

Drain back the last of that

Kentucky elixir

and fire up that smoke.

There’s no judgement here.

We’ll share crime stories

like two convicts.

War stories,

like old veterans.

And tales

of the one that got away,

like men who know

the hourly rate for regret.

What does this all mean?

have we run down the clock,



The sand in the hourglass

is only half passed.

We still have time.

I’ll pull out

another bottle.

This is why

I keep plenty on hand.

Tell me another one.

I’m here to hear the story

of who you are

and how you came to be.


in this place,

right now.

Drink another one down.

I’ll be here

all night.

Just listening

to the story of your life.



HG – 2022

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