Self-Editing Consciousness


Scrolling through,

deleting lines.

Cannot sever the consciousness, though.

I try to wind down

my enchantment

with you,

with all of this.

Not worried about

what it used to be.

Don’t lose sleep

over what we will become.

I am afraid of who we are,

soulless automatons,

just waiting for our programming.

So, I am

going in

deleting lines of code

designed to shut me down.

They told us

we were free to live

and never showed us how.

Put it in our heads

that we were divine,

then put us

in the slaughterhouse line.

Have you ever felt alive?

No, I mean

really been alive?

No one knows

if they have,

of if they’ve only

touched upon the line.

Some say the way

to the other side

is Lysergic Acid Diethylamide.

Others say,

the way is not that wide.

Here I am,

rebooting subroutines.

Trying to see

what it is to truly be


and alive.

Maybe I’ve lost my mind.


maybe that’s the way out?



HG – 2022

2 thoughts on “Self-Editing Consciousness

    1. I’m glad you think so. I often wonder how pieces like that one will be read by others. The idea of consciousness is so vast. Thank you for your feedback.

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