Mental Health Monday – 09.26.22


“I don’t care”.

I hear this a lot from people from my generation. Gen X, 90’s kids. All grown up, now. This was our claim to fame. A semi-detached form of neo-nihilism that colored our generation.

We got it from our older brothers and sisters. The 80’s kids. The “Me” generation. The 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s had birthed every level of “cool” known to mankind and by the 80’s it was cool to be over it.

“I don’t care” became the flippant mantra of a generation, but we didn’t know ow what harm we were doing, to ourselves, and each other.

What is the worst thing a person can feel? Alone. Abandoned. We used this cultural dissociation  as a weapon to cover up our emotions, thinking that somehow, “being cool” was worth the cost.

It was not.

What we have now is a generation coming up that truly do not care. We paved the way for complete and total dissociation from reality to be the cultural norm. We have kids now who cannot form relationships, who are afraid to feel anything, because societally we decided that the epitome of “cool” was to disregard other people and ourselves.

Well. It turns out we do care, and we should. We cannot undercut ourselves by hiding and masking what we feel and who we are. We need to experience this existence in its full spectrum, not parse it out into what we think we want and what we don’t.

Set an example. Care. Care a lot.

Have a great week.

Be safe.

Much Love.


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