Maze Within a Maze


One path.

One past


There is no lingering

in the garden maze.

Labyrinthine grown,

it will take you home.

But winter comes

and soon,

all will be done.


Hurry on.

Though fruit and flower

will tempt to stop and savor.

Even thorn and briar

will reach out and attempt

to catch your hood, or your hem.

The prize is found

only at the end.


Ignore the bones

of all those

that never found

their way back home.

There is always

death amongst the hedgerows.


You might hear

familiar calls,

but with these

great, green walls,

if you seek them

they will but mislead you.


Keep a good pace

and an easy smile.

Sure, you might get

turned around

once in a while,

but you will make your way

to the garden gate,

and the way back home.


There are stories

of another maze,

but that is for

another day.

A tale withing a tale,

a world within the world.

Just keep following the path

as it unfurls.



HG – 2022

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