Built to Lose


Take it for what it is.

After a while

the words all mean nothing.

Every “No” a “Yes”,

and every “Yes” a “No”.

Just the chaos

of interpretation.

Drowned out,

the mad sound

of decisions.

Placate the need

to understand

by turning up the volume,

but never giving in

to the demand.

I can hear it.

The grinding inside the machine.

Too long maintenance intervals

and running it hot

have put stress

on critical parts.

There’s gonna be a breakdown.

Oh, yes.

And real soon, too.

I can see it

in the eyes of so many.

They were never built to lose,

and they’re gonna lose big.

We all are.

It’s going down,

and there’s not a goddamned thing

anyone can do about it.


that’s not true.

There’s always something.

I’ll stop with the

fatalistic nonsense.


I can still hear

the high whine

of metal on metal,

and pressure

trying to escape.

I’m starting to wonder

if this machine

was even built

with winning in mind.



HG – 2022

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