Belt of Orion


Set about

to take on

an unfamiliar journey.

So strange

and foreign the terrain.

The only certainty

is dying

in the same state

I was birthed in.

Why not die


Does it really matter?


Seeking a path

between the stars,

between the moments

that make a life.

That cold, winter sky

is coming,

guiding me like

the belt of Orion.


What gain is there

in being afraid?

What help

is coming

if we remain?

Pull myself along,

dragging my chains

along with me.

Not sure I know

another way to be.


So bored

of the old

and ordinary.

Not sure any of it

was made for me.

I’ll find my way

to some other place,

or at worst,

I’ll die in obscurity,

but at least

I tried.


Setting off.

One step

and then another.






HG – 2022

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