The Hard Side of Night


Guess this was all we had.

One last gasp.

One more ride or die.

Started off so simple,

back in the day,

now we encounter

the hard side of night.

I can only speculate

as to the “How?”

and the “Why?”.

But I’m willing to wait

and see how it all turns out.

I can hear the words

coming out of your mouth

and I can’t believe

that you mean them.

Words precipitate actions

and I doubt

you’d get much satisfaction

to see them

play out

in real time.

I’ve met a few

lost souls like mine,

along the way,

along the line.

We’re easy to spot,

once you know

what we are

and what we are not.

“Last of a dying breed.”

they said.

Thinking we’d all lay dead,

but this world

just keeps right on making

broken men.

Cast offs from the crowd.

Kings, warriors, magicians,

and lovers.

That’s why I don’t get

the venom on your lips.

You’re missing

your fleeting chance

to kiss and embrace

this life, before it escapes.

Why would you want to make

more war and pain?

No one wants to do

any of that again.

Those that are living in the day

have already fought their fight.

Live and love

on the hard side of night.

Just a blanket of stars

and moonlight.

magic when the fire starts.

Maybe it might heal

our souls

to trade stories

under this sky

before winter comes.



HG – 2022

2 thoughts on “The Hard Side of Night

    1. Thank you so much. I appreciate the response. Many people are so afraid to communicate these days, it’s up to us as writers and creators to show that it’s okay to have a conversation.

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