Big Dreamer


No fame

under stadium lights

to crave,

but only that warm embrace

of home.

Can I tell you,

I used to seek

knowledge in high places,

sewer secrets,

but now,

there is only the dawn.

Classic fall

of the big dreamer.

Icarus’ wings

have nothing on me.

Dreams are only

the fine, gossamer framework

that fools like me

attempt to hang their world upon.

By the time it is falling,

we are already mourning.

By the time it smashes to the ground,

we are already weaving new.

Spinning spiders

in my head,

catching shadows

and holding them up

to the golden, morning Sun

to see

if they are real, indeed.

Always empty handed.


Nothing left to do,

but pick up the sword,

or shovel,

or pen

and get back to work.

Build the world anew

every single day.

Hoping to catch

some rare essence,

some truth of life.

Mana from Heaven.

Divine, cosmic purpose.

Throwing my dreams

up, into the sky

to see if they’ll fly.



HG – 2022

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