The Arena


Entering the arena.

There is no return

to being the former man

who didn’t enter.

Stepping across the threshold

is enough,

but it is only a whisper

of what is to come.

Coming face to face

with reality,

that hard,

unyielding structure,

is a type of violence

we are not built for,

but strangely,

it is part of us.

Why else would we heal

so quickly?

Why else would our minds

block out the pain?

Why else would our memories

of shame and destruction

be so easily,

albeit temporarily,

suppressed just long enough

to cross the line again.

The coliseum erupts.

The tigers,

and lions,

and other warriors,

that must be faced

on this hallowed ground,

are unleashed

in grand, visceral melee.

The heart pounds,

muscles strain,

and the mind screams.

A war cry

roars from the throat.

Only survival

is victory,

and the only victory

is to survive.


however fleeting

shines brighter

than any Sun.

Tens of thousands watch,

but only one


Adulation and euphoria

are fleeting,

but we know

 it is the way

to truly change our course.

Once struck,

the path is unalterable.

There is no return

to being the man

who didn’t enter the arena.

Only the man who did




HG – 2022

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