Star Gazer


The light didn’t seem

to touch you,

as if you cloaked yourself

in vestments

of your own melancholy.

We were young,

and the world was hostile,

breeding hostility in us.

We would learn

how to be fragile.

Some of us,

cracked and dented vessels.

Others of us

shattered completely,

only to use our shards

as weapons in the dark.

We didn’t know

how dark it would get.

I followed you,

as much as I could.

Maybe I maintained

more than a causal

level of guilt,

for your situation.

Maybe I cared

more than I should,

but I have always allowed

my heart

a certain fenceless freedom.

I rooted for you.

Celebrated your victories,

mourned your defeats,

and when you finally

dropped off the map,

I still wondered after you.

Friendships are like that.

Have you ever tried

to track a shooting star

across the sky,

only to lose it

in the vast fields

of the cosmos?

There is a certain joy

when your eye picks it up again,

right before

it disappears over the horizon,

or burns up in orbit.


HG – 2022

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