Defying Expectations


Break down,

but not the same kind

you used to face.

This is on purpose.

Too much turmoil on the surface,

putting on the brakes.


Slowing down.

Not that old fashioned

instant deceleration.

The kind of ending state

we used to find you in

on so many Sundays.


You look like

you’re taking time

to get it right.

Disappointments disappointing,

but it’ll be alright.

Crashed and burned

so many times, before,

you know you don’t have to

crash and burn, anymore.


No more flaming wreckage,

no more mornings

on the bathroom floor.

Looks like you’ve created something

you didn’t have before.


Watching your evolution,

solutions now,

where problems were.

Heard you are helping others,

brothers, living life disturbed.


I can see

that giving back

to a world, you claimed

only stole from you,

is healing our soul,

giving you control

and a new point of view.


I watch you smile,

as the steam rises

from that warm cup of coffee.

Your face thoughtful,

and I must admit

you’ve caught me off guard.

Thank you

for trying so hard.



HG – 2022

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