Critical Mistake


Venture out

into the timeline.

There we go,

making a critical mistake,

right off the start.

Time never was,

nor ever will be,

a line.

It may be more

like a cloud,

but I think, now

we’re just compensating

for things

we do not understand.

Fall back

into where we’ve been.

Wriggle back into the shit

we came from

and call it “comfortable”.

We are just like photons.

Dying light.


in this form,

only as long

as we’re observed.

Whether you touch my eye,

travel to my mind,

and then,

be recognized;

depends on you

reaching out.

Out of your cloud.

Out of your timeline.

A hand from the grave,

you were found.

Ghost in the machine,

only if you

can claim your state.

Open a portal

and see a dead world.

Posthumous internet

of the undying connected.

Are we awake

in a simulation?

Or, are we estranged

from base reality?

Never can tell.

Come down

out of the cloud.

We just might encounter




HG – 2022

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