Anxious Morning


“Trust in me.”

My old friend, Anxiety

whispers softly in my ear,

in the near

total black of morning.

Been a while

since we spoke.

Sometimes I forget


we ever stopped speaking

in the first place.



waiting for the dawn.

These old times

linger on.

And I

remember why

I walked away

oh, so long ago.


The voice fades

into the day.

Let the quiet

of the prairie

take the reins.

I don’t need

to listen to those

old shoulder voices



The wind blows

pretty hard

around here.

If I have half a mind

to bend an ear,

I can hear

a good voice calling,

trying to keep me

from falling

for those old whispers again.


The Sun will come,

the morning with it.

No need to fall apart.

I’m still putting myself together,

and I have come so far.

Anxiety goes quiet

Knows I’m not answering the call.

The only voice I heed

is the one I need

to make sense of it all.



HG – 2022

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