require problems.


require conflict.


requires will,

and will

needs dreams

to be born.

Grinding out

another creation.

Trying to add


while whittling away

at this reality,

making it show its face.

Nothing left

and nothing gained,

if nothing dared

and nothing sacrificed.

This is the edge of the world,

the wall of ice,

but it,

like everything

is an illusion.

There is no escape

from gravity.


we keep burning fuel.

Fighting until we are defeated.

Living in this

is just

a trick

we’re playing on ourselves.

One drop

in the drink

takes the edge

off of the blade,

but doesn’t dull the damage.

It just makes us take one more.

It’s okay

to muddle through.

We’re gonna win

and we’re gonna lose,

no matter how we play it

it’s going down

some way

we could never imagine.

This is it;

the end of the line.

No tomorrow,

no more time.

Only this moment

to become




HG – 2022

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