Masquerade Doll


Masquerade doll.

Concealing every inch of you.

Masking your eyes,

your scent,

your very existence.

Do you fear the eye

of the world,

the hand of God,

or the heart of a lover?

Why play make believe

in such a strange reality?

Does blue about your eyes

fool the sky?

Does crimson on your lips

trick the sea?

Does color in your hair

misdirect the air?

Don’t you know

that these don’t really care?

The weight of who you are

tells the tale

of your life.

You were born

with eyes that perceive light

one certain way

and that will never change,

no matter how

you shift your shape.

Are you trying to change

how you interact

with this reality,

or how this reality

interacts with you?

I think you’ve got it confused.

Someone’s fooled you

for their own amusement.

Why do you hide?

Those that  care

know who you are.

The masquerade

is only bait

for wolves on the prowl.

One day,

I hope you see the place

that was made for you

and wear your face

without being afraid.



HG – 2022

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