New Piece of Sky


Opening your eyes.

Waking to a new horizon.

A single line of light

describes the curvature

of another place,

another body.

Everything feels different.

Conscious now

of vague details

that tell a new story

of your life.


Do you remember

opening your hands?

Do you remember

opening your heart?

Do you remember

opening your arms

and embracing

something you were not?


Now, here you are.

Try this new life

on for size.

Is it real?

Or, is this one also a lie?

Does it matter

if you move

from simulation

to simulation,

like parts

in a script?

What could be more real

than this?


The Sun upon your skin.

New air in your lungs.

New thoughts in your head.

Haven’t felt this way

since you were very young.

It’s okay to be afraid,

but it’s also

okay to be hopeful.

Choices you made

have brought you here,

sure as others

made life awful.


Go ahead

and stretch your wings.

See what you can do.

No limitations.

Spend some time

in this new sky.


Take in the morning light.

Let today be the first

of a new life.

You can choose to leave

all that weight behind

and come up to a

new piece of sky

Somewhere you can fly.

Your feet

don’t ever

have to touch the ground




HG – 2022

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