Facing the Sunrise


Into the morning Sun.

Serenade the day.

We have just begun

to put our pasts away.

Stepping through myself,

my shadow and my grave.

There is no one else

whom we can truly save.


Set aside

the time

to make it right.

There is no day

without the night.

There is no strength

without the fight,

or life,

without that first

enlightened sight.


We may come

and we may go.

We may learn

and we may know,

but nothing matters

if we don’t grow

and find our own way home,

somewhere down the road.


Seek amongst the days.

Put in the work

and find

that thing within yourself

that would be left behind.

The heart,

the soul.

A part,

a whole.

One stitch

in the fabric sewn.

The right choice,

the right way,

that grows tomorrow

from today.


Face the Sun

as it comes.

Our day has just begun.

One more chance,

one more try

to get it right

in our own time.



HG – 2022

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