Struggle & Friction



Completing the lexicon.


Every word,

spoken and partaken of.


This is it.

A small void

before you.

An infinite vacuum.

Pour your self in,

and it takes

more and more of you.


Don’t be mistaken,

you are not

to be found wanting.

Did your best.

All you have left

is endless wondering.


Get a grip,

pulling you down

all the while

pushing you away.


the actions

that make motion.


Struggle a little bit.

Feel the friction

getting warm.

No imagining

how far

this energy might take you.


Didn’t know

you had it in you,

did you?

Didn’t know you stood a chance

against the infinite,

but here you are,

still going.


Everything before

that you thought

was purpose,

was only going through the motions.



are really going places.


Keep struggling on.



HG – 2022

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