Honor the transgression.

Let it sit upon your soul.

There are no

second chances,

only first impressions.


that burn so brightly

that our wake

is lit

like the heavens.


Know Grace

is a gift you’ve been given.

Every indiscretion

is laid at your feet,

like the bodies

of the innocent

that paid for your grandeur,

your countenance,

your fame.


Never deny

from whence you came.

The child of toil,

of crying nights,

and abject derision.

The knowledge

of violence,

steeped into your mind,

like a potion

meant to make you mean.

No wonder you need

Grace, Faith, and Salvation.


The multitude of sins

piled up against you,

seek to bury you,

and become your grave.

Then you,

would haunt the world,

another angry accuser,

piling the bodies

at the feet of others.


Lift your eyes.

You know that there

is a reason

for the lie.

You know that there

is a reason

why Redemption

is the greatest concept

ever commoditized.

And we’re all buying.


Get in.

Get out.

Keep moving

and they can’t pin you down.

You were never meant

to be held

in a prison of your own


There are no walls,

only doors and windows.

Even the floor

becomes a means to escape.


The call comes,

and despite all of your crimes,

you are asked

to allow yourself

to be righteous.


Washed clean.

Even if just for a moment.




Eyes wide enough

to take in the whole sky.

Unfettered by memory,

and time,

and who you were

in all of your lives.









Be who you are,

not who you were,

or worry about

who you will be.

Each day

is a chance

to give the Old Man a nod,

and walk on.



HG – 2022

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