Pulling My Reserve


Taking stock.

Shuffling through myself

for reference.

Needing to oppose,

but resistance

to this current’s futile.

What have I begun?

Standing here

in start relief.

Changed my canvas

and my palette.

Now, my style

doesn’t fit the borders.

Maybe it never did.


This is what they call

“A change in perception.”

Not where habits grow,

but where the mind changes


Hijack the rewards center.


the dopamine flow.

He who controls

the neurotransmitters

controls the space

within and without.


Watch a single domino fall.

Initiate the topple.

Am I ready

for the ride of my life?

Everything hangs

on this one.

No more chances,

this is it.

Cut away the main canopy.

Free fall.

Count to three

and pull the rip-cord.


Praying to God

that my reserve deploys.

There is nothing

between me

and everything.

Going down.

This is it, now.

My “Hail Mary”.

My masterpiece.

My Opus.



HG – 2022

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