what do I know?

Except for the days

and the pain

of my experience.

I’m only me

and the joy

of existing

in all this



I can’t tell you

how to live.

I’ve never been

in your skin.

You don’t know

shit about me.

I’m here

to make belief,

and myth

out of message.


How you make it

through the day

is evidence

that we are not

the same.

Don’t you see

that it’s okay

to be different?


All that fault

that you put on me,

is the same;

reversed so easily.

I can handle my atrocity,

but I watch you turn

from what you see

when it’s reflected back.


No one is perfect.

Everyone is wrong.

We don’t really know

what’s going on.

I’ve been turned on you,

and you’ve been turned on me.

We’ve been engineered

to disagree,

and die over our differences.


You’re just trying

to live while dying

and I’m just doing

the same.

Going after

each other

is courting


The outcome

is always



You don’t know me,

and I don’t know you,

but I feel pain

and fear

just like you do.

I feel joy

and love,

just the same.

Who would drive us apart?

Who gains,

from all this mayhem?


I think it’s obvious.



HG – 2022

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